3D Florball League

How it all started

Since 2004, we have been regularly meeting every Saturday in the evening for floorball. Thanks to young people who are interested in floorball, we created 3D Floorball league for the age group of 14-23 years.

There was for a long time a tournament which brought together 10 teams – approximately 95 players. Each team was led by a captain who shared the vision of the whole league: “We will make disciples.” We put a big emphasis on encouragement and guidance of the captains who afterwards worked in their teams. We played individual matches in the gym premises of ZŠ (Elementary school) Jablunkov and in the hall of Stars Třinec. The whole tournament ended with a ceremonial evaluation. This project was followed by a summer floorball camp and an all-night event “Lock-in” (a night full of sport, movies and entertainment) – always two times a year.

The vision

The goal of this project is to offer young people suitable conditions for meeting at sports where we want to see not only the physical aspect of a person (training, physical condition) but also the mental (a good team, friendship) and spiritual (ethical values based on teaching the Bible).

We want to see that every participant grows in the areas of Soul (Duše), Spirit (Ducha) and Body (Dtěla) – therefore 3D league.

We want to see the creating of 3D clubs and players involved in Youth group and the local church.


Currently the work of the league is suspended. Today we are thinking about a new form of activity in the league. In 2015, we started cooperation with Josiah Venture in organising a floorball camp in Ukraine.