The last letter of the acronym M.I.S.E. is E. This refers to the activity in the area of evangelization where we want to specifically and practically help in the organization of activities regarding evangelization. Within this area, we support and participate in the organization of various freetime activities such as mission clubs, sport activities, English classes and student Bible groups.

Mission clubs

A mission club is a place where is the opportunity to invite young non-believers where, besides games and making new friends, the visitors have the chance to hear the Gospel. In 2015, this ministry was handed over to the Youth department of SCEAV. EC M.I.S.E. is now involved in this ministry as an assisting organization.


In sport, there are several activities which offer to young people the chance to actively spend their time, build character qualities such as perseverance, honesty and also to show respect to our neighbors. Of course the main thing for us, as a missionary organization, is the opportunity to acquaint young people with the Gospel and talk to them about faith in Jesus Christ. This includes:

  • The Outdoor Section which arranges sport activities focused on hiking, cycling and canoeing camps (This section is currently looking for new leaders). More information about Outdoor M.I.S.E. here.
  • football – the main activity in this area is the preparation of Football camp and football club. More information about the area of football here.
  • 3D floorball league – in 2015, the league discontinued its working, now there are talks about changing the way of working. More information about 3D league here.
  • Q-league – volleyball league. More information about Q-league here.

English is for us another missionary tool. In collaboration with local and foreign partners, we organize English camps and also ETG which means English talk groups – English conversation groups led by foreign missionaries.

Student Bible Groups

EC M.I.S.E. wants to also propagate student Bible groups in university cities where young Christians of our church study.

Brno – Lukáš Kaleta, tel.: +420 731 622 870, email: kaleta.lukas@gmail.com
Olomouc – Leszek Gajdzica, tel.: +420 732 699 301, email: Lech.Gajdzica@hotmail.com

Impuls weeks

These are missions events prepared in collaboration with the organization PROMISE CZ in the Czech Republic and abroad. You can find more information about Impuls weeks on this web page www.impulsweb.cz/week.