The main activity in this area is Football camp and football club Třanovice.

Football camp takes place every year during the holidays. It is a sports event for boys and also for girls and children ages 6 to +- 12 years. The camp takes place on the football field in Třanovice, in the hall and clubrooms of SCEAV Třanovice.

What it offers:

It gives to players the opportunity to learn basic and advanced football skills in a Christian environment.

It enables young people not only to grow through the quality of sports training but also to make new friends and to learn about important life values which are based on Biblical principles.

The trainings at camps are led by an experienced international team that has years of experience coaching and leading youth teams all around the world.

A football club – children


A football club is meant for children ages 6-12. The club takes place in Třanovice – on the field or in the gym, in cooperation with a church SCEAV Třanovice. The club is divided into two groups; youngers 6-8 years and olders 9-12 years. Always during the break, one of the coaches has a speech.

We want to be supportive in making other football clubs and creating a children’s football league. Since January 2015, the football club has joined, once a month, the tournaments of football teams from Havířov which are part of leisure activities of Don Bosco. Once we also participated in a tournament that was organized by Fk Žukov where the boys played with Fk Třinec, Fk Bystřice etc.

We collaborated with a Christian football organization, Ambassadors Football Czech Republic, that supported us in the area of trainings, in providing all of the necessary materials and in the area of a professional training course of coaches.Their leader Ondra Mazaný actively participated in some of the sessions.

The organizers: leaders Jana Wewiórková, Luboš Tomiczek, Roman Glajcar, Marek Roman, Benjamin Mrózek, Daniel Klus, Radek Wewiórka.

You can find out more on these websites:

and in the annex of Annual report 2015