We are looking for

A praying person

We are aware of the huge need for support through prayer. The service, which people dedicate to in EC M.I.S.E., is completely dependent on God’s grace and His action. We know that He is the only one who can touch the human heart. Only He can make the things, which they hear and accept, to remain, to be permanent, to grow and to bear fruit. We also realize that the service of evangelization is a direct attack on God’s enemy’s intentions. Therefore we want to ask our Lord for protection and guidance in order to walk in the right direction and work according to God’s will.

How can I join the praying support for EC M.I.S.E.? One thing you need to do is to register for the prayer network and every Monday will be sent to you prayer requests by e-mail.

A volunteer

We are looking for a volunteer who helps in:

  1. prayer (help with organizing the prayer conference, prayer network, etc.)
  2. propagation (help with websites, graphics, articles, videos, etc.)
  3. education (help with organization of the missionary school, training of leaders, etc.)
  4. establishment of missionary groups (help with coordination, support of new places)
  5. establishment of a Youth or a different club (help with the development and support of the certain service)

A financial supporter

The service of EC M.I.S.E. is associated with expenses, so there is the need for financial resources to cover the costs associated with the activities of the evangelization center. We will be grateful for any donation.
We would like to thank everyone who cares for our service and who supported us through their financial and material resources. Also this year, we want to continue to start new activities said through the Word of God. Therefore we would like to turn to you again with a request for support this year as well. All of the organizing activities are designed to be opened to the widest area of potential participants who could be affected by the Word of God. That is possible only with the support of willing donors.

If you want to support our service, we will be thankful for any donations.

Bank Connection for EC M.I.S.E.

National payment, account number: 2400195184 / 2010

Variable symbols of individual services:

Centrum M.I.S.E. 1000 VS workers EC M.I.S.E.
Chlebek Daniel 1001
Sztefková Pavlína 1005
Chodura Tomáš 1008
Hlawiczková Ingrid 1010
Aim 21/10 2110 Mission Teams Education 3000
Albrechtice Kumbál 3010
Nýdek 3050
Šumbark 3090
Ostrava Poruba see www.kompasporuba.cz
Místek 3160
Outdor 4010
Football 4020
Voleyball 4040
Misijní trénink 5001
Impuls Draft Camp 5002
English camp 6000
Young Daniels 6100
Misionář Benjamin Helge 8000
English Talk Group (ETG) 8002