Integration – Education

The letter I represents the word Integration (or involvement, engagement) of spiritual growth via education in the area of envangelization and missions. These educational events (programmes) belong into this area:


TÝMise (TEAMission)

It is a traditional event for leaders of Missionary clubs, student Bible studies and sports activities, which are covered by EC M.I.S.E.

The goal of TEAMission is to educate, encourage and inspire. There is time for meeting all of the leaders of EC M.I.S.E.


Leadership Quest

It is a four-day long event organized by Evangelization Center M.I.S.E. in collaboration with the American organization Tentmakers.

The main content of interactive teaching is not only to encourage people to regularly read Scripture and collectively share but also to encourage reflection on their own life path.

The motto or the theme of this event is the effort to “find” your own “calling”. With the combination of questions and sufficient time spent on contemplation (of important questions) followed by a controlled discussion, the participants can think about their life direction in depth. They can outline the potential plan for their lives according to “how God spoke to them” and eventually prepare “plans of action”, these are specific steps which they want to make in order to move forward in their lives again.

Another emphasis is on the pursuit of communication skills and ways of how to better establish new contacts (not only with strangers) and how to build permanent relationships in their neighborhoods. This is the “key” skill for any missionary work.

You can find the reaction from the first year here.


The Missionary Training 01

The educational programme Missionary Training 01 is prepared in collaboration with foreign partnerships (Slovakia, Sweden), who have years of experience in missionary work. This programme is for people who are interested in education in the area of missionary work, either in an existing church or in a new missionary place. The educational programme includes four parts, among them is  a visit to London to become more familiar with new types of established churches.

The first part of Missionary Training 01 happened 27.-28.11. 2015 at Beskydská Oáza, in Písek. These themes were discussed:

  • Why to establish a church?
  • What do you need to establish a church?
  • Various types of churches.
  • Which type of a church is the best for certain target groups?
  • How to address somebody?
  • The importance of the common vision, values and goals.
  • The importance of five components of service in Ephesian 4.
  • +a leaflet
Impuls Draft Camp

This is a special camp of its kind in the Czech Republic which is meant for young men ages14-20 who are active members of SCEAV. Impuls Draft Camp is organized by Evangelization Center M.I.S.E. and PRO-MISE CZ.

The goal of this camp is to encourage young men to take responsibility for their life and to help them in seeking their own place in society and in the church. The long-term intention of the camp is to develop the inspiration of positive manly character qualities, life attitudes and visions. During the camp, the participants will experience very physically demanding and full-of-adventure activities and games and also talk with interesting guests. A lot of activities are designed to help them to understand and “experience” some of the Christian principles. Therefore the camp can be a meaningful impulse for the spiritual path of a young Christian.

The slogan of this camp is a Bible verse: “So be strong, act like a man.” (1 Kings 2,2).

Impuls Draft Camp is 1-5 July 2017 in Komorní Lhotka. Price: 1100 Kč

You can find more information here.