Mission Sunday in Třinec

On 25 January 2015, workers from the missionary organization EC M.I.S.E. visited the SCEAV church in Třinec in order to present their work within “mission Sunday”.

Pastor Daniel Chlebek preached at this service, David Macura presented the work of EC M.I.S.E. and there was also at the same time a lesson for children in SC Hutník led by Natalia Fojćik. She told the kids about her stay in Nepal.

After lunch, the director of EC M.I.S.E., Daniel Chlebek, introduced a more detailed presentation about the entire organization and its activities. He emphasized the project 21/10 as the main goal. A missionary from Norway, Kristian Lande, shared his funny experiences and encouraged us to do missionary activities in our neighborhoods.

As an accompanying missionary programme for the Youth Group (30 January) Marek Říman shared the message, and at the Youth group (23 January) David Macura had a funny, youth style presentation about mission. An American guest, Benjamin Helge, shared with us his testimony and his experience. They woke in us a competitive spirit and we had fun other than in the usual style.

I think that this event was very useful, people could realize how important missionary work is and it encouraged them to think about how they could lend a hand to sow the Word.