Mobilization to prayer

The first letter of the acronym M.I.S.E. refers to an area called Mobilization to prayer.

Within this area we are trying to encourage others to a more intensive and richer prayer life through various ways, such as the production and distribution of Prayer diaries (more here), sending out Prayer letters (you can subscribe here), the organization of a Prayer conference and Prayer time in the mountains.

Prayer is very important for us because we realize that no matter how well we do the missionary activities, we are not capable of making any change within the human heart without God’s action. Only God can make that change and that is why we want to pray for it. It doesn’t matter how logical our arguments are or how apt our invitations. There is nothing we can do with our own words, but The Holy Spirit prepares the way.

We want to invite you to join our prayer network. If you register, we will send you prayer requests every Monday. You can register here.