Outdoor M.I.S.E.

In 2008,  the section Outdoor M.I.S.E. was created under auspices of project M.I.S.E. (the predecessor of EC M.I.S.E.) The goal of this section is to organize activities focused on hiking, cycling and canoeing camps. These activities are meant for all young people who don’t like boredom and who love to spend their free time in nature. Trips are often sponsored and are thereforeaffordable. Our common time, especially the one which is spent actively, binds us together. During organized activities, we have the chance to open up our lives and share them with all of the participants, both Christians and non-christians. It creates space where we can also share our faith in Jesus Christ who is the reason to live.

Outdoor M.I.S.E. temporarily discontinued its working because we are looking for a new leading staff for the section.

You can find out more on this website: www.outdoor-mise.webnode.cz

You can read more about the sport activities of Outdoor EC M.I.S.E. in the annex of the annual report of 2014:

A few videos from trips of Outdoor M.I.S.E. are below: