We want to encourage churches of SCEAV in the missionary effort in the area called “Community”. One used form is the organization of Mission Sundays, as it is called, in a SCEAV church. During Mission Sundays, there is space for preaching (on a missionary theme), the presentation of activities of EC M.I.S.E., testimonies, workshops and lectures (e.g. on thethemes How to make a relationship with our neighbors and how to lead them to God or The courage to share the Gospel with our neighbors). We also present evangelism tools (e.g. the course of Christianity Explored) and the experience from other churches.

Together with the SCEAV church, we want to seek ways and methods of how to work in our surroundings and also in new missionary places.

If you are interested in the organization of a Mission Sunday in your SCEAV church, don’t hesitate to contact us at

The photos and reactions of Mission Sundays are here.