The Aim 21/10

We want to work in the next ten years in such a way that on 21 new places would arise healthy and growing groups of Christians who would work missionary in their neighborhoods.

Why on 21 new places? Our church (SCEAV) currently has churches at 21 locations. On the basis of the parable about the bags of gold, we believe that our churches are the bags of gold which were given to us to reproduce them. We are a part of the spiritual wealth which we recieved even though we didn’t deserve it. We would be really glad to be helpful in the above-described area. We want our church to show our faithfulness to our master in front of our Triune God.

At the same time we realize that it only depends on God how many bags of gold and when are we capable of reproducing them together.

As part of the project The Aim 21/10, we regard the new missionary places as cities, settlements and villages in the area of the Czech republic where is no SCEAV chruch or where there is interest in developing the activity in the SCEAV church.

The sent-out team, which starts to work on a new place, usually consists of two or more members of our church. They were sent out by a mother SCEAV church to a new place in order to serve the local community and spread the Gospel. Their goal is the development of te healthy and growing groups.

The mission group, as part of The Aim 21/10, is regarded as a group of Christians which is characterised by the following features:

  1. The group is led by a member of the mother church whose vision is missionary work and spiritual growth of the group on a new place (the main leader).
  2. The main leader collaborates with leaders who are responsible for specific areas of service of a specific group.
  3. The group develops at least in two age generations.
  4. In the group, there are meetings of the spiritual growth.
  5. The group is the mission station of SCEAV.

The Aim 21/10 was approved by the leadership of SCEAV on 2 September during the Church council meeting in Český Těšín.

Within The Aim 21/10, there are currently developing activities in Havířov-Šumbark, Karviná, Místek and Ostrava-Poruba.